About Sally Heidtke

Sally P Heidtke
I want two things from life: to achieve and to belong. If one or the other is happening, I’m a happy camper. If both are happening, this girl is on fire. You can guess what happens when neither is happening.

That’s when I get the courage to take a leap. My last leap was out of corporate America into the unknown. After 30 years, I’d had it. I gave myself time to start anew. And, boy, was it new. I did a deep dive into the mysteries of my energetic self. What makes me tick. What ticks me off. What wounds me and what inspires me.

My need to achieve morphed into “getting to the bottom of it”. Finding the answers. Pulling the threads that unravel the mystery of individual pain and suffering. The amazing thing is those answers come from within.

The great part about this is I am no longer push…push…pushing everything. I still want to achieve…who doesn’t? I achieve in different ways with different effort: I am less anxious and more curious. What remains to be learned? What has yet to unfold?

Today, I love helping others to take a deep dive into their own pain and helping unearth what’s holding them back. Releasing these energies frees up their body’s miraculous healing abilities to live the life they want.

Sally Heidtke