Emotional Baggage

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have emotional baggage. Do you?

Emotional baggage is not something we can choose to not pack for our trip. And we can’t even say “I’m not going on a trip, so I don’t need this baggage”, because it is there with you…ALL…THE…TIME. Emotional baggage makes it harder to “travel lightly” through life, whether our trip is around the world or to the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Is there a way to unpack emotional baggage? There are several. For example, some people are successful using prayer, meditation, or experience a significant emotional event. Sometimes we need help from others to unpack emotional baggage and this is where I can help. Together we can look at your collection of “baggage claim tickets” and prioritize where you wish to start. Is it your sleepless nights? Your anxiety regarding work? That chronic knee pain that’s keeping you from exercising? Your frustrations about not getting ahead in life? Your relationships? Whatever it is, chances are excellent that unpacking a bag or two will help lighten this load.

How do we open the baggage when the lock seems jammed? The answers to your issues can be found within you. Your inner wisdom knows exactly why these issues linger. The key is tapping into this “knowing” through kinesiology (also known as “muscle testing”) and asking the right questions to get to the root cause of your issues….and to then release them with powerful intention.

If you’re ready to offload your emotional baggage…or perhaps work on that entire luggage cart, contact me for assistance.

emotional baggage