“Sally’s work is definitely a breakthrough in the field of healing. Her understanding and implementation of her craft are making waves in her field. It is not often that one gets to work with someone who is as talented and dedicated a person as she is. Working with Sally will allow anyone to start to understand the mind/body connection in a much different and beneficial way than ever before. Her passion and work ethic has allowed her to vault forward into deeper and deeper understandings and application of the methods we have previously not been able to understand. It has been a pleasure and an opportunity to work with her, and I recommend Sally to anyone who gets a chance to work with her. Open your mind, and you will be forever grateful for the decision to spend time with this outstanding talent. I did, and have not only learned a lot but have been able to benefit greatly from her work. I look forward to every time I get a chance to work with her. The subtle energies she works with are indeed profound.”

Jim N.

“I hardly know where to begin to offer testimony for what Sally’s work has done for me and my family. This work has cleared a great deal of ancestral patterns, emotional stuff for my teen daughter, and balancing every system in the body and energy field and everything in between. If you think you’ve tried everything you haven’t, this work has done amazing things.”

Lisa W.

“Sally has been assisting me in my healing journey for many years. She is continually growing and learning and I have complete trust in her ability to be a channel to release imbalances. She has cleared many emotional, spiritual, and physical blocks for me and is my go-to person when I feel a little off. Her calm and confident demeanor instantly puts me at ease and I feel better every time I reach out to Sally. She’s easily accessible through email or a phone call. I highly recommend and trust Sally.”

Lorrie V.

“For many years I have been very fortunate to have had Sally’s help in relieving physical and mental ailments, both common and uncommon. Her knowledge of imbalances that cause dis-ease and her ability to release what causes the imbalances has helped me with a variety of health issues including anxiety, insomnia, severe tendonitis, even shingles and cold sores. Sally’s compassion and her passion to uncover the underlying causes of her client’s ailments make her an exceptional practitioner of this specialized healing modality. Sally’s help in releasing my “stuck” energy has been invaluable, making my occupation, which is physical in nature, much easier as well as making everyday activities and relationships more enjoyable.

Mind, body, and spirit in balance-healthy and happy! Thank you, Sally!”

Beth P.